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Visit Pamplona

  • Cathedral: C/ Dormitalería s/n, +34 948 210827. See Website.
  • Museum of Navarra: Cuesta Santo Domingo s/n, +34 848 426492. See Website.
  • Baluarte: Plaza del Baluarte, +34 948 066066. See Events. See Website.
  • Citadel: Avda. del Ejército, +34 948 228237. See Website.
  • Planetarium: C/ Sancho Ramírez s/n, +34 948 262628. See Website.
  • Church of San Lorenzo: C/ Mayor 74, +34 948 225371. See Website.
  • Church of San Nicolás: Paseo Sarasate. See Website.

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Useful Telephone numbers

  • Information and Tourism: +34 948 220741
  • Pamplona City Council: +34 948 420100
  • Emergencies: 112
  • Coach Station: +34 948 223854
  • Railway Station: +34 948 130202
  • Airport: +34 948 168700
  • Taxi and Radio Taxi: +34 948 221212
  • Teletaxi: +34 948 232300

San Fermin fiesta

Immortalised for all eternity by Hemingway in his novel "The Sun Also Rises", the San Fermin fiesta is Pamplona and all of Navarra's most internationally famous celebration. At midday every 6th of July, the rocket marking the start of the fiesta is launched from the town hall balcony and with it the city is launched into a frenzy of joy which does not end until the "Pobre de mí" (Poor old me) on the 14th. The city is transformed into an explosion of life in which visitors and residents merge, all dressed in the red and white that pervades the streets, as they get carried along by the music and the spirit of the outdoor fiesta. Over nine days, everyone has the chance to enjoy the rituals and customs that make the San Fermin fiesta special. The running of the bulls is without doubt one of the highlights. Every morning, the runners test their nerves and physical fitness as they are chased by the horns of a herd of wild bulls.

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